Introducing August’s guest blogger

As we watch the clock and wait for this heat to subside, it’s time to welcome our next monthly guest blogger, Siobhan Ali.

In her own words:

“An enthusiastic writer and student of social anthropology at the University of St Andrews, Siobhan was encouraged by her mother to put pen to paper, or in this case, her fingers to her keyboard, to document the world through her eyes and immortalise her musings.

With a particular interest in the intricacy of cultures and societies as well as the complexities of human interactions, Siobhan navigates key issues affecting women today; whether it’s their representation in mainstream media, hurdles they face regarding menstrual health or inequalities in their legal rights.”

Featured image by Luca Laurence, from Unsplash.

Image is of a pair of hands poised above a black sheet of paper as if about to start writing. The right hand holds a white pencil to the paper