Weekly round-up and open thread

It’s time for another weekly round-up where we share (what we see as) the most interesting and important articles from the previous seven days. We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the issues covered in the articles we’ve picked.

As always, linking to articles does not mean endorsement from The F-Word and certain links may be triggering. We welcome debate in the comments section and on Facebook/Twitter but remind readers that any comments containing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or disablist language will be deleted immediately. If you notice that we’ve missed out any important articles from the past week, feel free to let us know.

Nurses on coronavirus frontline facing ‘abhorrent’ abuse from public (Rebecca Gilroy, Nursing Times)

Windrush report: call for inquiry into extent of racism in Home Office (Amelia Gentleman and Owen Bowcott, Guardian)

Women’s game is now riddled with uncertainty for clubs and players (Suzanne Wrack, the Guardian)

From the article: “The lack of a definitive decision on the season is stopping clubs from being able to plan for the future and provide answers to players and staff. On the other hand though, one source voiced concern that the outbreak could be a perfect storm for some clubs that would see it as an excuse to cut loose their women’s teams and that wrapping up the league now could prompt a dismissal of players and staff.”

It’s 2020, why are disabled people still being shut out of TV? (Matthew Keegan, Independent)

From the article: “According to government data, there are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK, accounting for 20 per cent – one in five – of the population. But still explaining to TV bosses in 2020 why 20 per cent of the population deserve a chance to be represented and tell their own authentic stories is only half the battle. Persistent prejudices and empty excuses about “lack of talent” and myths that disabled people will “slow down production” or “significantly raise production costs” are also proving wearisome.”

Coronavirus is a reminder that science and medicine has a ‘Magical Negro’ too (Annabel Sowemimo, gal-dem)

Lockdowns around the world bring rise in domestic violence (The Guardian)

Alekxandr’s ‘Disney Love’ Video Shows Underrepresented Romance (Eleanor Forrest, Billboard)

From the article: “‘I have friends who are older and have wonderful relationships. That’s why it felt important for me to put it on camera…generally as a society we have a fear of age and it’s probably because we’re scared of death,’ he tells Billboard. ‘But it’s quite heartening for young people to see older gay people happy and in love.'”

Coronavirus: Department of Health says temporary changes to abortion law were ‘published in error’ (Sophie Gallagher, Independent)

bpas comment on Sunday Times report of Government preparing to re-instate telemedicine for Early Medical Abortion (British Pregnancy Advisory Service)

CN Lester (author of Trans Like Me) and Sasha Garwood (author of Early Modern English Noblewomen and Self-Starvation: The Skull Beneath the Skin) discuss issues around sexuality and gender in the media in this first episode of a new podcast (Soundcloud)

Video games can be a healthy social pastime during coronavirus pandemic (Mike Snider, USA Today)

Coronavirus and volunteering: how can I help in the UK? (Patrick Butler, The Guardian)

Which high street shops should get your money? (Lewis Cotter)

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