Join The F-Word’s team. Deadline for applications extended to Wednesday 24 March

Are you a feminist who believes in the power of good media to make change? Does the idea of working with women across the UK to share their views and stories excite you?

The F-Word is seeking some new volunteers to edit any of the following sections: politics, music, comedy and/or theatre, and comics. We’d also like to hear from you if you’d like to start a section that The F-Word doesn’t have at the moment. Maybe you’d like to be our podcast editor, our our sports editor or our science editor? Let us know!

Please note that The F-Word is run entirely online by unpaid volunteers. We are aware of discussions around the politics and ethics of expecting people to work for free, but can unfortunately only offer permanent volunteer roles. The fact nobody involved in the site is paid for their work here means there is no hierarchy or differentiation between paid and unpaid positions.

For an editorial role, your main duties will be:

  • sourcing ideas for features, reviews and interviews
  • commissioning features and reviews, with a focus on encouraging new voices from a range of backgrounds and diverse perspectives
  • responding to pitches: being able to give constructive feedback to pitches that need some work, and knowing when to say no to pitches that don’t seem right for us
  • working with a broad range of contributors, from those who have never written for a publication to experienced journalists
  • liaising with PR companies and external organisations in order to obtain review tickets, images and so on
  • editing submissions in line with house tone and values, including working with writers on necessary amends
  • posting and sourcing images for posts, with a focus on finding images that represent a diverse range of identities and experiences
  • working with other section editors and The F-Word team, where necessary
  • second-editing pieces from other sections, as per the team’s rota
  • attending Skype meetings every two months and contributing to site-wide decisions.

This is what you will bring:

  • enthusiasm for The F-Word’s mission and values
  • at least a few hours per week (on average) to dedicate to this section, along with regular internet access
  • confidence and sensitivity when giving submissions a critical edit, working hard to engage the author in a constructive way while retaining quality of content
  • ideally, familiarity with WordPress and willingness to learn some basic HTML skills
  • ideas and creativity for how you can develop your part of the site
  • willingness to work as part of a team, alongside other editors
  • commitment to the role for at least six months, with a minimum notice period of one month. Ideally we’re looking for someone to join us long-term, but if you’re currently furloughed from your job or looking for something to do while social distancing measures are in place and might only be able to contribute for a little while, that’s fine, just let us know when you apply.


We invite applications from self-identified women/genderqueer people/non-binary people/ those who do not identify as men.

Founded in 2001, The F-Word is an online magazine with a rich heritage of discussing key issues and ideas that impact, and are impacted by, contemporary feminisms from the UK and elsewhere. The site has developed alongside various conversations and societal shifts in the last 17 years, and seeks to welcome and share perspectives and experiences from a diverse range of women and non-binary people. This could include older women, disabled women, working class women, sex workers, women of minority ethnicities (including Black, Asian, migrant or refugee women and women of dual or multiple ethnic heritage), trans women, lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer women, and/or socialist feminists.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list – please don’t be put off from emailing us if you’re interested but don’t identify with the perspectives above, particularly if you feel your perspective is currently under-represented in the feminist blogosphere.

To apply please email us ([email protected]) with a brief message setting out a) which section you are interested in and why, b) how you would develop this area of the The F-Word’s work and c) any prior relevant experience.

We have extended the deadline for applications from Monday 8 March to Wednesday 24 March at midday. 

If you need any accommodations made to either the application process or the role to make it accessible for you, please just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help. Email [email protected]

Photo used with permission by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels. This shows a woman sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop. The photo is taken from above. On her right, there is an open book, two closed notebooks and a pair of glasses. On her left is a closed notebook with a mobile phone on it, a silver pen and an empty mug.
Editor’s note: This post was updated on 10 March 2021 to extend the deadline for applications.