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Women 32% more likely to die after operation by male surgeon, study reveals (The Guardian)

From the article: “They found that for women, treatment by a male surgeon was associated with a 15% increased likelihood of a poor outcome than if they were treated by a female surgeon. However, men experienced no differences whether they were treated by a male or female surgeon.”

Covid, Fat Cells, and Journalism’s Personal Responsibility Problem (Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith)

From the article: “I’m not saying a biological relationship between fat cells and COVID-19 doesn’t exist. But when we focus solely on nailing down this relationship, we ignore the very real harm caused daily by the many forms of stigma that pervade the healthcare system. We ignore the larger structural inequities that inform a person’s health status and instead reinforce the myth that health and weight are both personal improvement projects that anyone can undertake if they just want it badly enough.”

Litter enforcement officers urged to target Black and Asian people, tribunal is told (The Independent)

First female judge nominated for Pakistan’s supreme court (Haroon Janjua, Guardian)

From the article: “Malik has given some landmark verdicts in her career, last year outlawing virginity tests for female rape survivors. ‘It is a humiliating practice, which is used to cast suspicion on the victim, as opposed to focusing on the accused and the incident of sexual violence,’ she said in her verdict, which only applies in the state of Punjab.”

‘Most racist law to come to Britain’: Protestors voice anger over Nationality and Borders Bill outside Parliament (Furvah Shah, Independent)

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Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash. It shows an east London skyline with the skyscrapers of the City in the distance, an unused gas tower in the middle distance and train tracks closer to the camera.