Holly Combe

Pretty Vacant

Who wears the trousers? Holly Combe doesn't skirt the issue as she analyses society's negative attitudes to 'feminine' clothing. ...

Bend Over Girls – he’s in Freak Mode

Society needs to stop thinking of men as slaves to their sexual urges, argues Holly Combe. She examines the damaging common idea that, once aroused, men become an unstoppable force that it would be rude - even immoral - to try to stop. ...

Holly Combe

Contributing editor

Holly Combe has been a feminist for as long as she can remember but became active when she joined Feminists Against Censorship (FAC). She started reading and contributing to The F-Word in 2002 after receiving an e-mail about the site in a Yahoo group she took part in at the time. She joined the blog in 2005, was a music editor from 2011 (a role she stayed in until 2014) and became editor of the TV section in 2013 (until 2016). She was the rotating editor from July 2016 to July 2017. Holly has had writing published in a number of other outlets including Yahoo!, STUDIO magazine, Economic Issues, Scarlet magazine, The Guardian, The Fresh Outlook, The New Statesman, Bookslut, Girlchick and The Oxford Mail. She mainly works as a copy editor, but you can sometimes catch her taking part in radio debates or DJ’ing. Along with this, she has an MA in Applied Social Research. You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollycombe