We Are Five Years Old!

Yep, it was five years ago that The F Word first went online, can you believe it? It’s been lots of fun and I hope that the site has been able to contribute in some way to feminism in the UK during that time. THANK YOU so much to all of you who have contributed, commented, or assisted in any way. The F Word is always a collaborative effort and it is all of you who make it what it is. Thanks in particular to Andrew who came in one day in early 2001 and said “I’ve bought that URL for you – so now you *have* to do that site you’ve been talking about for months”!

A list of all the contributors can be seen here.

In a bit of a celebration, I would love to hear your views on UK feminism during the last five years. How do you think feminism has developed since March 2001? Whether it be Ladyfests, the explosion in UK Grrrl zines, feminist groups forming throughout the country, campaigns that have come and gone, media coverage of feminism, the massive increase in feminist blogs, feminism on the internet, the creation of new campaigning organisations, or whatever you think is significant; I would love to hear your views. What has happened to you during the last five years in terms of feminism? Please contact me and if I get enough responses I will publish them.