25 years of My Little Pony

Gargantuan toy company Hasbro has launched a PR stunt to mark 25 years of selling My Little Ponies, Jezebel tells us.

Setting aside one theory about the My Little Ponies living in a lesbian-feminist seperatist colony, the plastic horses are, of course, an example of pink-till-your-eyes-hurt gendered toys*.

If readers have not encountered one of these creatures, a trip to the official website will probably set all doubts aside: they are horses turned into caricatures of human femininity, available in a range of cutesy pastels, each with its own hairbrush. Browsing the website, I even found an extremely weird pony which comes with its own carriage – which it rides inside (it’s pulled along by birds!). As far as I can see, though, Hasbro no longer offers the weird wedding pony I had as a kid, which came with veil and ring (that fit over an entire leg), so I suppose we should be grateful for small improvements.

What I also find interesting about MLPs is that they neuter one of those few things that girls are meant to like, which is truly active. Compare this page celebrating girls riding horses bareback, to the weirdly coquettish MLPs. They don’t even have movable legs.

*Disclaimer: I had a massive and much beloved collection of MLPs, so realising this is sort of awful.

Photo of impressive MLP collection by bubblecup.etsy.com, shared under a Creative Commons license

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