A vegan strip club?

This is one to file somewhere between eco-brothels and High School Girl branded meat products: someone has come up with the fantastic idea of launching a vegan strip club in Portland!

KPTV reports the story under this ‘hilarious’ headline:

Customers Find All Skin, No Meat At Vegan Strip Club

That’s right folks! It’s A-OK to compare ‘skin’ shown by women at a strip club to the skin on, say, your Sunday roast.

And here’s a quote from Johnny Diablo, who owns the joint:

(It’s) vixens, not veal, and sizzle, not steak… We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”

Want some more?

“My very sole purpose in life is to save as many creatures from pain and suffering as possible”

WWeek has more on this ‘ethical’ enterprise, and its owner who describes himself as “Lord & Master” on his MySpace page:

The club’s main claim to veganism seems to be that strippers cannot wear any leather, fur, silk or wool. If a dancer slips up and sports snakeskin heels, Diablo says he pulls the woman aside to talk about “not bringing murder victims into the establishment.”

For vegetarian Casa Diablo stripper Aria Winters, 20, who hates meat, Casa Diablo is ideal. “I would eat a steak and then have nightmares about being sliced up and burned,” she says.

(Via Fleshbot – NSFW)

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