BBC 6 Music Chief needs to get a clue

Leslie DouglasLeslie Douglas, head of popular music at BBC 6 (and also Head of BBC2) has said

“”It’s partly how you talk about music. Men tend to be more interested in the intellectual side of the music, the tracks, where albums have been made, that sort of thing. For women, there tends to be more emotional reaction to music. “

From Guardian Music

George LambApparently this follows complaints about the appointment of George Lamb who was deemed “female-friendly” (one can only surmised on what grounds – maybe he isn’t a misogynist?). Apparently complaints were sparked when BBC 6 Music attempted to tackle the marginalisation (one assumes they mean low listening figures) of female listeners.

So there you go, yet again we have the men=logic/intellectualism, women=emotion/irrationality. You know for such a supposedly irrational group of people women do an awful lot of serious intellectual stuff. Amazing really…. Now ‘cuse me while I go find something loud, stompy and feminist to be “emotional” with maybe some L7 (did you know Bricks are Heavy was produced by Butch Vig who also produced Nevermind for Nirvana and Let Your Light Shine for Soul Asylum and is drummer for Garbage) or maybe some Indigo Girls (yes that is Michael Stipe on Cape Fear and yes they did appear on P!nks Dear Mr President).

Wait, hang on, does that make me a man! Or does it disprove the nonsense spouted by Leslie Douglas – get a grip and a clue – women’s engagement with music isn’t just about “emotion” or dance floor classics (mind who doesn’t like a bit of Gloria Gaynor now and again). It’s all about the music. Male music fans are from earth, female music fans are from earth, go deal with it.