Cameron attacks women’s right to choose

David Cameron showed his true colours today when he voiced his desire to see the abortion time limit cut from 24 to 20 weeks, citing – like Ann Widdecombe – the supposed significant increase in foetal viability as justification for his view. Like Widdecombe, he conveniently ignores both the findings of the Commons science and technology committee on abortion, which concluded that there is no need to reduce the time limit, and the often desperate situation women who have abortions at this late stage find themselves in.

Gordon Brown, on the other hand,

…has always made clear that he thinks we should be guided by the best medical advice on this.

At the moment, the key organisations in the medical profession are not pressing for a review in this area.

For example, both the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have said they do not believe there is a case for changing the time limits for abortion.

The government has no plans to change the law on abortion.

Gordon or David? Gordon or David? Wow, it’s a tough one…

Having said that, the abortion law does need changing, most obviously by removing the necessity for a woman to prove to two doctors that continuing the pregnancy would be more harmful to her physical or psychological health than having an abortion. So get writing to your MP: free abortion, on demand, now!

Thanks to commenter chem_fem for the heads up.