Green Party calls for abortion law reform

Women and men have been mobilising to fight efforts to roll back access to abortion in this country – as both Laura and Lynne eloquently described earlier this month.

But it’s not all negative. Last week the Green Party held their spring conference, and adopted a policy to reform abortion law, getting rid of the requirement to get two doctors’ signatures, loosening restrictions on where abortions can be performed and allowing nurses and midwives to carry out the procedure.

I know, I know, the Greens are not exactly about to storm into power at the next election, but this is good stuff. As Natalie Bennett says over at Liberal Conspiracy:

I’m… with the Conservative MP John Bercow, who told a recent Abortion Rights parliamentary lobby that since the “other side” had raised the issue, those who want an abortion law fit for the 21st century should use the opportunity to create it

Photo by tattingstar2, shared under a Creative Commons license