More on rape as a tool of war

In the same week the UN Security Council condemns the use of children as soliders and sexual violence against them as a tool of war, it is reported that the Kenyan conflict is utilising rape of women and children (some as young as 2 years old) as just that. The rapes are being used as part of inter-ethnic conflict and play on the fact that rape is a stigmatising experience. Unicef have warned that the rise in child rape will lead to a rise in HIV diagnoses and a potential population timebomb as seen in other countries with similar experiences. Many women seek sanctuary in displacement camps and there are forced to trade sex for food and protection.

The Security Council itself named 58 violaters and 14 repeat violators (named at least five times) of the voluntary agreement banning this. The 14 include the Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka), FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)m ELN (leftist National Liberation Army, Colombia), Lord’s Resistance Army (Uganda) and government forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Myanmar.

“We must make sure that children and women are protected as much as possible from these atrocities, and that those responsible for these crimes are eventually brought to justice,” Hilde Johnson, UNICEF’s deputy executive director, said.

From AP

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