No this isn’t going to endear you to me

Lastminute’s adverts sink to a new low….

Tantrums. Sulking. Tears. And that’s just the men. Forgetting Valentine’s Day can make the dreamiest love stories a living nightmare, so make sure you’ve got it sorted with our last chance gifts and nights out. And when they say they don’t believe in Valentine’s, they’re lying. Rescue your Valentines here….

Need I say more? The link is worth following to see the picture that goes with this text.

Problem? Yes

1. firmly associated tantrums and tears as “feminine” behaviours despite appeals to “irony”.

2. reinforces the idea that Valentines is a must – any all of us who don’t see the relationship between a murdered roman (or romans, history is a little vague on whether it’s one or more people) and romance are “lying”.

3. Why does someone need rescuing because of any of this?

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