Southall Black Sisters (the saga continued)

It’s not often we recommend an article by a bloke, but Sunny Hundal has written a great piece on why Southall Black Sisters is a. important and b. meeting government aims but c. still being delisted for funding.

The protest at Ealing Council on Tuesday ended with SBS protestors being removed – why? Because they dared respond to the claims that there is evidence that female violence against men is increasing from a Conservative Council member.

As Hundal points out SBS has been caught in the political crossfire between Government ideas about combating extremism (mind I don’t see many Christian fundamentalists being included here) which has led to commentators decrying the focus on Muslim and Asian (remember the two are used almost interchangably). Many people claim that groups focussing on specific ethnicities (like Black and Minority Ethnic which is, of course, actually really broad) is creating separatism. Of course not funding a long-lived and well-used service like SBS isn’t the answer, but it’s certainly Ealing Council’s answer, sadly.