Another feminist carnival!

We’ve had the Feminist Carnival, we’ve had the Carnival of Radical Feminists, the Carnival Against Sexual Violence, the Radical Women of Colour Carnival, and now there’s going to be a Feminist Carnival of Sexual Autonomy and Freedom.

The first Carnival will be held at the blog Uncool, and it looks like it could be really interesting.

I have some reservations with how they’ve described the carnival as sex positive (I know this is not a new point, but I do find it a bit passive aggressive to use this term – implying that anyone who doesn’t agree with you isn’t a sexual person, or has some kind of moralistic, puritanical attitude to sex), and the image they’ve used, of a woman’s silhouette under a spotlight (does sexual autonomy and freedom have to equal performance on a stage?! Or perhaps this just means putting women’s sexuality centre stage?). But I’ve had plenty of problems with other feminist carnivals, and they’ve proved to be full of interesting and provocative material, as I am sure this one will be.

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