Carnival season!

The 54th Carnival of Feminists is up at In a Strange Land. One of my favourite posts from this edition concerns calling a vulva a vulva, over at blue milk:

After pretty much using ‘vagina’ my whole life I’m surprised how well I’m remembering to use ‘vulva’, although I am still getting used to it. Some people find the term clinical but I think it sounds kinda intimate, which only makes me more determined to reclaim the word, but it also means I take a moment to process the times when my daughter calls out – I accidentally touched the cat’s vulva. Toddlers love to dob on themselves and this is an indiscretion worth reporting since in this family we’ve deemed the cat’s vulva to be private. We’re uptight like that.

Meanwhile, the Women’s History Month Carnival is in full swing over at What Tami Said and Women’s Space.

Also, the latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence is up at Abyss2hope. I would particularly point to this post from the advocacy blog of the Center for Independent Living of South Florida, about the specific problems faced by deaf rape victims:

The researchers found that another impediment to deaf victims seeking help is a lack of awareness about deafness and deaf culture among hearing people. Many view deafness from a medical perspective, focusing on hearing deficits rather than viewing deaf people as members of a linguistic and cultural community.

And, finally, Scientiae – the carnival of women in science, technology, engineering and maths – celebrates its first anniversary here.

Photo of the window of Dog Eared Books, by me and shared under a Creative Commons license