Conservatives new policy

David Cameron has apparently promised that a third of ministerial posts will go to women if he’s elected. That’s obviously a comfort given we make up 52% of the population and given the Conservatives are likely to elect less than 60 women MPs. Currently he seems to have seven women (22%) in a thirty one strong Shadow Cabinet – maybe he should start there, unless his “senior posts” means women will, again, end up doing the lowest of the “senior” posts like being Whips. But Cameron makes this nod to involving women dependent on a Conservative victory – the implication – if you don’t vote the conservatives in you’re responsible for Conservative women not gettting ahead in the party. Sorry Cameron, sort it out now and I’ll believe it’s an aim you want to meet.

In the interests of fairness Labour has a cabinet of 29 and 10 (34%) of them are women. Sadly four of those are only in attendance and not full voting members (taking off all non voting members makes it 25%).