Halfords – scare men away from your car cleaning products by making them pink!

Car.jpgCar parts and accessories store Halfords has put out a hi-larious press release, urging women (OK, “girls”) to buy its pink products.

The range is actually called “Car Cosmetix”, because clearly the way to sell bug removers to women is to compare them to makeup (“for head turning results”) and produce them in a sickly shade of our favourite colour.

Girls, are you tired of the boys in your household using your expensive face creams, body lotions or even your special bath oils? Fear no more, Halfords the UK’s leading retailer of car parts and accessories have introduced a fabulous range of girlie car cleaning products that will keep those ghastly boys away!

The new pink car cleaning range may scream out femininity, but rest assured all the products are 100% robust. However hush… don’t tell the boys, they might just decide to try these after all!

Patronising much?

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