Here’s another one to get the blood boiling

Phil Taylor, local Conservative Councillor for Ealing, has been making some rather rash comments about Southall Black Sisters on his blog. Including these little gems:

One of the basic chores of being a charity/voluntary organisation is justifying what you do with your grants. The council wants the freedom to decide its priorities and to incentivise the third sector to contribute. SBS don’t want to play the game and they think that they can avoid the process by creating a stink.

The SBS people who attended the meeting heckled throughout and went loopy when it was agreed to commission this grant and had to be chucked out.

In all of the verbiage they have produced they have failed to provide any evidence whatsoever that they help women in Ealing today. They talk about a grand history and some big cases but there is nothing to indicate they are an effective deliverer of local services.

One of the commentators on the site declares it to be “an ethnic branch of the SWP [Socialist Workers Party]”.

Hat Tip to Lillith Weekly News Round-up for flagging this one