Interesting Google stats

When I Google stuff, I generally don’t look at the number of results. Which is a shame, it turns out, because as Figleaf discovered, you can find some solid evidence for the importance that we place on attractiveness for women versus attractiveness for men.

“Results … about 120,000 for attractive-woman.”

“Results … about 42,900 for attractive-man.”

Roughly 3 to 1 ratio of references to attractive women vs attractive men

“Results … about 586,000 for beautiful-woman.”

“Results … about 74,600 for beautiful-man.”

Roughly 8 to 1 ratio of references to beautiful women vs beautiful men

“Results … about 25,800 for worthy-man.”

“Results … about 5,720 for worthy-woman.”

Roughly 4.5 to 1 ratio of references to worthy man vs. worthy women.

Fair at all? No. Comparable at all? Not really. Coincidence, though? Not that either.

Also see Sinclair at SugarButch Chronicles (includes ads that may be NSFW) for some further analysis of how femininity is perceived as an invitation.

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