Men ‘on heat’ & racist stereotypes

I love the idea of sex “academy” Amora, and the website looks pretty clued up. But this morning I opened my inbox to see they had sent me a jaw-dropping press release, with the headline: “Global warming puts men ‘on heat’ ahead of schedule”.

Yeah, you read that right! However, the comparison of men to cats (prompted by an apparent increase in male visitors), is not the most offensive part of this press release:

Amora Medical Adviser Dr Sarah Brewer says: “Sunlight has an effect on the pineal gland in the brain to promote desire and the readiness to mate. This may explain why races with the reputation for greatest passion tend to live in the sunniest climes.”


Amora Sex and Relationship Expert Eddie Timon says: “We were expecting an increase in male visitors around May as women start revealing more flesh and the weather hots up.

“It’s incredible that global warming is making men horny this early in the year – we advise you to lock up your daughters!”

What is more flabberghasting? A “sex and relationship expert” who propogates the idea that women are possessions of their fathers, or a “medical adviser” who parrots racist stereotypes?

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