Mind-bendingly godawful picture of the day

Well, I’m a bare stem, as are the majority of our readers I would guess. Oh woe is me, I so regret losing my beautiful petals – NOT!

Seriously, this is vile. And blatantly, blatantly sexist. Trying to give young women and girls guilt complexes, stopping them from enjoying sex, encouraging them to close their legs and think of Jesus instead of having a good rodgering simply in order to appease some bizarre patriarchal obsession with female purity. You’re not a frickin’ rose, you’re a girl, and you should have sex if you want to (with contraception, obviously).

Whilst on google images trying to find out where this image originally came from, I also found the following gem:

Yes, abstinence is the most effective method of avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancy. But it really would be nice if the word “No” was an adequate, 100% foolproof way of ensuring that you weren’t penetrated.

Via Feministing

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