New feature: Trans 101

Helen G sets out a glossary of common terms and definitions

Why a guide to trans* issues at The F Word? This list of common and useful terms was conceived of in response to comments and discussion over on the blog. However, in putting this glossary together, it was hard not to notice how many of the entries aren’t only about trans people, they’re also about feminism, essentialism, binarism and, by implication, how we think about patriarchal oppression.

This is not the first trans 101 to appear online – although there is a degree of overlap, a central core of terms and definitions has evolved, and continues to do so. So I offer that information here in a condensed form in the hope that this will provide a ‘quick reference’ for readers of The F-Word. I am not trying to present a trans studies course, but perhaps it may provide a useful starting point for further reading for those who wish to find out more.

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