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Motherhood affects women’s pay


Women without children most likely to be doing unpaid overtime

On the former research has shown that having children results in a drop in pay of up to one fifth and the gender pay gap trebles after women pass 30. The wage gap is apparently greatest between the ages of 50 and 59 (i.e. towards the end of someone’s working life). On the latter almost 25% of women without children end up doing unpaid overtime with teachers apparently the most likely occupational group to do so.

The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for equal pay and conditions, said women were being presented with “impossible choices”. “They are forced to choose between caring for a family at home or maximising their career opportunities in a workplace that measures performance by the number of hours put in,” the society’s Kat Banyard said.

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RowbothamMeanwhile, for anyone who missed it, Shelia Rowbotham has been told by University of Manchester that she is not allowed to continue working after the retirement age because they are strapped for cash. This despite paying Martin Amis £80,000 per year for 24 hours work (yes that’s per year giving him a whopping £3,333 per hour fee). There is a campaign to contact the relevant University administration people (Head of Social Sciences, [email protected] (professor), Dean of Humanities, [email protected] (professor) and President and Vice Chancellor

[email protected] (professor)) and also a Facebook Group for those who feel passionately. Rowbotham is author of, amongst many others, Woman’s Consciousness, Man’s World, Dutiful Daughters: Women Talk about Their Lives with Jean McCrindle, Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism and A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain and the United States .

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