Other sexual violence news stories

The first charges have been brought on Jersey. Gordon Claude Wateridge has been charged with sexual assaults of girls between 1969 and 1979 when he was warden at Haut de la Garenne.

Oklahoma has decided that a man putting his camera up a girls skirt isn’t a criminal offence. So much for our right to safety! Or as the District Attorney put it – “How do I go back to this victim and tell her she has no expectation of privacy to her private parts in a public place?”

Meanwhile an American Airlines passenger has had to sue the airline for failure to protect her from a fellow passenger who masturbated over her whilst she slept and ejaculated in her hair. The Airline claims it’s staff took “appropriate action” – I wonder whether that was to pass him a tissue afterwards and offer another cup of tea? Because it certainly wasn’t to stop him or to have him arrested on landing. The airport staff had to do that.

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