Sex Toys and Texas

Road Sign

We can sell something that looks like a penis as long as it doesn’t vibrate and something which vibrates so long as it doesn’t look like a penis

Rightwing legislators are trying to strike down the de-criminalisation of sex toys in Texas.

Under Texas law it is illegal to sell, advertise, give or lend obscene devices, defined as a device used primarily for sexual stimulation. Anyone in possession of six or more sexual devices is considered to be promoting them.


You can sell “educational demonstrators” and “personal massagers” however and, surprisingly butt-plugs. In Texas the anus is not considered a sexual orifice and so butt-plugs are legal, however homosexual and heterosexual sodomy is not. So you can put silicone there but not flesh.

Pandagon over at has more, including a very educational video about the history of the legislation over time and the men who introduce it – which is where the opening quote comes from.

For those who are interested the town of Dildo is in Newfoundland.

Image by Edgeplot used under Commons Creative licence

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