Sexist game advertising now sponsored by UK government?

“God didn’t create the perfect woman – the UK’s gaming industry did”

This advert is elevated from the ranks of standard sexist advertising on, because it was payed for by our taxes, commissioned by our government, and given the A.OK as suitable to promote British business by someone at UK Trade and Investment.

The ad is aimed at recruiting Indian partners for UK gaming companies:

God didn’t create the perfect woman.

The UK’s gaming industry did.

A UK company created Tomb Raider, a global success story in gaming. With amazing graphics, inventive game play and involving story lines, it virtually redefined the rules of the game. Home to 150 development studios that have created iconic products like Grand Theft Auto, the UK is the European base of international giants like Sony and Sega. UK companies are now looking for Indian partners. With the UK having a 12% share of global sales, it’s the perfect opportunity for you.

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