Campaign to stop BNP festival

With Jess’s most recent post on racist anti-immigration politics in mind, I thought readers might be interested to know that a network has been set up to protest against the British National Party’s annual festival, Red, White and Blue (RWB), which is set to take place in Derbyshire this summer. The festival serves to attract new recruits and celebrate the party’s sickeningly racist politics.

The ‘Stop the Red, White and Blue’ campaign will:

* draw together the thousands of people across the region who oppose the BNP into protest against the festival

* demand that local councils block permission for the event in recognition of this feeling

* calls on trade unions to, as far as possible, refuse to do any work that might facilitate the BNP event

If the event does go ahead we will call on local people, along with anti-fascists throughout the country, to join us in mass action against the festival.

Check out the campaign’s blog or email nobnpfestival[at] for more information.