What does orgasm mean to you?

Sarah Francis wrote in with a request for responses to the question “What does orgasm mean to you?” Sounds like an interesting project! To respond, email her at [email protected]:

I’m studying the way female sexuality is represented in art for my long

study at university. As it’s a Digital Art degree I’m also creating an

installation of my own artwork about real female sexuality.

I’m looking for responses from women to the following question…

“What does orgasm mean to you?”

Responses need to be short – around 20 words.

They can be about the physical, emotional, spiritual etc meanings.

The statements will be used as part of a massive mural which will be on

display to the public and students at the University of Hull.

They won’t be attibuted to individuals. It would help loads if people

could include with their responses how the would like to be known – i.e.

“16 year old girl” “Female priest” “19 year old cat-lover” etc so that

they’re not just comments, there’s a hint of a story behind them.

The reason I’m asking for help is because it would be so much more

powerful if the responses came from all over the country, from many women,

rather than just the women I know.

I really hope you can help with this. Feel free to pass on my email

address! Subtext magazine have expressed interest in publishing my research

and findings so it’s definitely a worthy thing!

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