Brunettes have more fun!

Your ball-busting brunette blogger read the above headline on The Times website this morning with a mixture of delight, amusement, scepticism, and visions of proudly linking it from her facebook profile. When I clicked through to the article though I found that it was such a pile of monkey pants that I almost didn’t even bother blogging about it.

Here’s the angry feminist bit: the reason brunettes supposedly have more “fun” is that they are more likely to marry rich men. No statistics for women who become rich through their own intelligence and hard work then. “Fun” is being rich, and getting rich means marrying into wealth.

Experts at LOVE@LYCOS the dating channel of analysed the WAG’s hair colour of the world’s top 100 billionaires to determine if there is a predominant hair colour wealthy men seen to go for. The majority by a long way were brunettes, with 62% of billionaires marrying women with brown hair.

With wealthy men showing such a considerable preference for brunettes, it will be interesting to chart the number of women requesting a change of colour at their local hairdresser!


And here’s the debunkment bit: the reason that 62% of billionaires marry brunettes rather than blondes is probably simply that brown hair is more common. Duh.

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