Dickhead of the day

With apologies to dicks and heads everywhere.

Union electioneering is in full swing at Sheffield Uni, and as ever, there is one “funny” candidate. Said “funny” candidate has today placed a board in a prominent position on the Union concourse which reads “[funny candidate’s name]: never successfully charged with molestation”.

Molestation! Ha! The widespread failure to bring abusers and rapists to justice! Guffaw!

I told Mr Funny that a large proportion of the women walking across the concourse will have been molested or similar. That most of them wouldn’t have seen the perpetrator brought to justice. And that when I saw his sign I was reminded of the time I was (to use his term) molested and now feel pretty damn upset.

Now, Mr Funny understands this, but you see his dilemma is that loads of people – men and women – have been coming up to him and telling him just how funny his sign is.

What to do, what to do…

He assures me that he’s going to write a new sign. I even went and got him paint and a brush. But he’s just too busy right now.

Meanwhile, I’m back on that platform in Barcelona.

EDIT: He later added “of birds of prey” to the bottom of the sign. Hopefully the message got through for next time.

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