Don’t stop the carnival

Three bloggy carnivals for your delight and delectation:

The Disability Blog Carnival (37th edition) is hosted by Cripchick.

The Disability Activist Collective, a group of disability activists working to create change within the disability community by shifting focus towards culture and identity, is currently collecting pieces (poetry, art, essays, videos, blog posts) on disability culture, community and identity in hopes of creating a website or hub on disability culture. This carnival is your chance to participate in the building of it!

This edition will focus on disability identity and culture in all its forms (i.e. radical disability pride, understanding disability through various frameworks, disability intersecting [coming together] with other identities, dealing with pain, etc.).

The deadline is 4th May.

Next, the Angry Black Woman is hosting a blog carnival for allies.

Is it easier to understand oppression, to move past guilt and on to useful dialogue, etc., if the person explaining these things to you in-depth is a person like yourself? White or male or straight or Christian or whatever? I don’t know. But as this is the Internet, it should be easy to figure out.

I call a Carnival. The Carnival of Allies. Where self-identified allies write to other people like themselves about why this or that oppression and prejudice is wrong. Why they are allies. Why the usual excuses are not good enough. I figure allies probably know full well all the many and various arguments people throw up to make prejudice and oppression okay. Things that someone on the other side of the fence may not hear.

The deadline is 5th May if you’d like to submit an entry.

And last but definitely not least is the Second Feminist Carnival for Sexual Freedom and Autonomy over at Labyrinth Walk.

Meghan says of it, "I have decided to structure the carnival around freedom and autonomy as examined through the issues of silence, media, submission, and sex".

(Curtsey to Lisa)