FARK off – misogyny on the internet, again

Earlier this week at DollyMix, Katie Lee posted a list of the top 10 websites for women.

In this post, she mentioned that “sites such as Digg and Fark, tend to be pretty unwelcoming – if not positively hostile – towards women”. Someone posted the link to Fark, unleashing a massive wave of misogyny both on that website and DollyMix.

One typical comment featured a “funny” photo of a woman with a black eye, captioned “Damn woman, don’t make me tell you again…”

When another commenter called the community up on its sexism, what was the response? “Shouldn’t you be shopping or something?”

Just more drivel from POPs* who will turn into BOBs** soon enough.

/*Pissed off Princesses

//**Bitter Old Broads

It goes on and on for over 670 comments. I only recommend taking a trip over to see for yourself if you need to get angry today.

And it continues on the DollyMix thread:

My wife wanted me to let you know she hates you.She hates you so much,I’m stuck telling you how much she hates you and your stupid ass 1940’s craft and makeup sites that you really need to shove deep in your repressed anal passage.

Oh,and by the way,shut your whore mouth,the men are talking.

And, perhaps even more depressingly as the comment was made by a woman:

I’m about as progressive as a woman can be, but I know how to crack (and appreciate) a sexist joke. It’s important to not get our panties wadded over every little thing. If we can’t laugh at ourselves (and our detractors), we can’t laugh at anything.

What do you even say to this? It’s pure, unvarnished, woman-hating, and there’s no getting around it. I would point out that it’s amusing that the Fark community’s response to being calling out on being a bit sexist is to unleash an almighty torrent of shit on the woman who dared to say such a thing, but I obviously can’t find my funny bone this morning because it’s just depressing and sad.

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