Fergie’s daughter inherits her “imperfect figure”

The Daily Mail is running a truly revolting article today. I mean, seriously. They have actually surpassed themselves on the We-Hate-Women’s-Bodies front. Sarah “Duchess of Pork” Ferguson’s daughter Beatrice has gone on holiday, had the temerity to wear a bikini (how dare she!) and been photographed in it. And since she is now 19, she is considered fair game for a disgusting, bitchy character assassination based on the fact that she seems to have inherited her mother’s thighs:

Puberty can be a cruel thing, but there is a time when a young woman must take responsibility for her own thighs and accept that whatever genes you inherit, you can – and probably should – make changes to your lifestyle and diet in an effort to do something about it.

I suspect that for all her natural beauty, when Beatrice sees these holiday snaps, she may think that moment is fast approaching.

Beatrice does not have to carry the sins of the mother on her thighs.

She has a wonderful and privileged life ahead of her, but unless she gets her body under control, she’ll have a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and pitiful self-esteem. Just ask Fergie.

Which does make you rather wonder where her mother is in all this.

Having written so movingly (and lucratively, thanks to a multi-million pound WeightWatchers contract) about her own eating problems as a young woman – the obesity that drove her to despair and wrecked her marriage, about the pain of being labelled the Duchess of Pork – you’d have thought she’d have taken a more interventionist role in her elder daughter’s physical well-being.

But all is not lost. I’m sure Weight-Watchers would snap up a royal mother and daughter deal. At least Beatrice has now got the “before” pictures.

You heard it here first girls – control your wayward bodies or else people will be able to see your SINS! What a disgusting, pathetic, catty*, bitchy* attack. What concerns me most is that there must be people out there who actually enjoy reading stuff like this.

*Not gender-specific terms – I use these words to describe men too and wish more people did.

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