Gwyneth Dunwoody (1930-2008)

Gwyneth Dunwoodythe ruling Labour Party’s longest serving woman member of parliament – died yesterday.

Mrs Dunwoody was fiercely independent and although a Labour MP, was nevertheless very outspoken about New Labour and its values. At the heart of New Labour’s problem, she said, lay "a confusion of identity".

She said that it "appears to have no very clear idea of its perspectives or its ultimate objectives, and the things that it’s done of which I would be very proud, it appears to be ashamed".

"She belonged to an experienced political dynasty: her father, Morgan Phillips, was General Secretary of the Labour Party between 1944 and 1962; her mother, Norah Phillips was a life peer in the House of Lords and Lord Lieutenant of Greater London (1978-86); both her grandmothers were suffragettes…" (via wikipedia)

An inspirational woman and parliamentarian whose loss will be felt by many.