Judge Hall’s shocking record on sentencing cases of sexual violence

Judge Julian Hall has handed a two year sentence to a man accused of raping a 10 year-old girl. You can read this Daily Mail report for the full story.

However, pc bloggs, the anonymous blog of a female police officer, has compiled a frightening and enraging list of Judge Hall’s record of dealing with sexual assault and rape cases, many of them involving children.

Purely using Google, pc bloggs has compiled a damning list of cases stretching back to 1999. Some highlights:

February 2006: A community order for a man who had sex with a 13yr old. Apparently he “should have known better”.

January 2005: A priest convicted of child porn is spared jail and the Judge’s concludes, “It is difficult to imagine a more admirable and productive life.”

March 2008: He jails a woman for a year who lied about a rape allegation. He also denounces her as “evil” and says she has let down “womankind”. Slightly different language than that used to describe the child rapists and pornographers he has discharged from his court on previous occasions, no?

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