More fucked-up reactions to Thomas Beatie’s pregnancy

Thomas Beatie, the pregnant trans man who told his story in the Advocate a few weeks ago, went on Oprah this week with his wife, reigniting the ‘controversy’ (read: bigoted and ignorant media response).

Last month I highlighted the problems with the coverage of this story in the British press.

Well, the Bilerico Project summarises the repellant way the story was handled on Letterman, MSNBC and Fox. I watched the MSNBC clip and it involved a group of grown men and women – apparently they are newsreaders – sitting around a table making “ewww” noises and saying things like “you may want to cover your ears”, “I’m going to be sick”, “disgusting”, etc, in reaction to clips of Beatie and his wife on Oprah. I just don’t understand how something so vile and bigoted could make it onto the air.

And if you think it’s just right-wing idiots on American TV participating in all of this, check out the comments on the supposedly progressive Huffington Post.

More reaction over at Pam’s House Blend.

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