New feminist group launched by and for Black British women: TrUe BLaCk-BeRrY

I love, love, love getting to post about all the new feminist groups that are springing up around the country. And here is another one to add to the list: TrUe BLaCk-BeRrY, a brand new group set up this month in London. It meets at Croydon Library Cafe (details on the website). Here is its mission:

To faciliate our views on a public platform

To defy discrimination Black British women suffer

To act as a support network, sounding board, and resource for Black British Women

To oppose negative stereotypes of Black British Women

To network and pool our knowledge, skills and experience together

And for a bit more background on why they chose the name:

Blackberries are the largest of the wild berries across the UK, which is symbolic of the characteristics of the black woman in the Great Britian today.

Third wave Feminism reaches farther than the fight for the right to vote, the right to legal and cultural equality; but targets the gaps in feminist ideals that were not plugged by the first or second waves.

Feminism is no longer about bra burning and man bashing, but facilitates debates on issues surrounding gender politics, social roles objectification, oppression, work-life balance, & sexuality.

TrUe BLaCk BeRrY is a knowledge sharing resource and a forum for anyone who wants to consider the role of feminism in the lives of black british women today.

Well, I feel obligated to disagree that feminism ever was about bra-burning or man bashing, but this is a really exciting mission statement.

Photo by jurvetson, shared under a Creative Commons license

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