State of the nation

If you can judge a civilised society by the way it treats it’s children then we’re in trouble.

The BBC reports two interesting things this morning. Girls are more likely to self harm than boys and 1 in 5 parents refused the HPV vaccination for their daughters.

The first story is that 1 in 3 girls have self-harmed at some point compared to 1 in 5 boys. Favoured methods include cutting (74%) and punching oneself (48%). No gender breakdown is given of the methods of self-harm which is a shame as I suspect there would be a gender difference.

Of those who admitted to self-harm, 43% said they did it because they were depressed, 17% because they were angry, 10% because of relationship problems and 10% because they were stressed.

From BBC News

The second story is also very concerning as some parents who nominated a reason for refusing to vaccinate their daughters against the virus that causes most forms of cervical cancer said it was because they thought the HPV vaccine would encourage promiscuity. Two religious schools refused to take part in the vaccination programme. My mind boggles – HPV isn’t a punishment for lewd and lasicivous behaviour, it can come from a single, loving, long term partner as easily as a one-night stand. But no some parents and schools would rather risk their daughter (or students) getting cervical cancer. Some commentators also expressed concern it was designed to prevent a possible future health risk rather than tackling a current one – well doh! that’s what a vaccine does. Honestly!

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