The Trucks

I’ve added The Trucks’ album to our shop, and feel the need to quickly recommend the all-women electropop band here as well, because, hey, a band with an explicitly feminist message? That’s got to be worth calling attention to.

Feminist Review reviewed the album last year, and I’m only going to briefly note that it’s good and highlight lyrics like this:

you were born with it so was i

i’ll have it til the day i die

differences you don’t have to fight

just to keep your right to be alive

no need to be defensive,

you got the whole world on your side

so do what you please, not listen to me,

and have fun just being a guy

just be a guy.

This (which the Tucson Weekly rather patronisingly describes as “naughty”, but then they also call Peaches and Fannypack “foul-mouthed skanks”. The fact the reviewer could read this as titillating says a lot about the state we’re in, in my view):

what makes you think

we can fuck just because

you put your tongue in my mouth

and you twisted my titties baby?

This (again, Tucson Weekly, how does this “coalesce feminism [I’ll give you that], debauchery [hardly!] and blatant lasciviousness [whatever]”?):

So why the fuck won’t you go down on me?

Shattered, about sexual violence, rounds out with this chorus:

no i won’t sit nice and be quiet

no i won’t sit nice and be quiet

no i won’t sit nice and be quiet

no i won’t sit nice and be quiet

Highly recommended. You can also check out their myspace.