Wii Strip

Do you remember the pole-dancing kits that Tesco was forced to remove from its toys section, after it provoked an almighty uproar? Well, the company that made those “temporary at-home stripper poles” is planning to develop a “strip aerobics” game for the Wii console, reports ABC News.

“Peekaboo is pleased to confirm that it is in talks to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii that meets mainstream demand for the fun and fitness benefits of pole dancing,” the company said in an e-mailed statement. “Peekaboo and its partners are focused on using Wii-friendly hardware to make aerobic pole dancing instantly accessible just as ‘Guitar Hero’ did for rock’n’roll.”

Could this be the nadir of dodgy video games? The only silver lining is that Nintendo must give its permission before games can be sold for use on the Wii, and analysts quoted by ABC think that this goes a step too far for the firm:

“The platform manufacturer, in this case Nintendo, would have discretion and the final say. The licensee — also known as the third-party publisher — would submit the product for review and approval,” said Hal Halpin, president of the Entertainment Consumers Association. “While Nintendo is likely looking for a wide diversity of content, appealing to the various demographics and ages of their customers, I’d be shocked if they consented.”

Photo by BrittneyBush, shared under a Creative Commons license

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