Anyone else feeling physically sick?

After watching Nadine Dorries and her fundamentalist Christian lawyer sidekick Andrea Williams on Dispatches last night, I am feeling absolutely sick to my stomach about the potential for anti-abortion amendments to be passed today. From the programme it looked like much of Dorries’ political propaganda on this issue was written in conjunction with or by Williams, a woman who believes that the world is only about 4000 years old. Great. Just fucking great. Why can’t they keep their bloody “morals” and religious mumbo jumbo to themselves? The sooner the UK follows France’s example and officially separates church and state, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, these people scare the crap out of me.

Dorries’ blog informs us that Labour have got a three line whip on to ensure MPs attend the chamber and vote tonight, and they are under a lot of pressure to support the current time limit since Gordon Brown came out in its favour. Hopefully the desire not to give Cameron yet another reason to rub his Tory boy hands in glee will be enough to make those Labour MPs who aren’t either way inclined vote in support of women’s right to choose…

Oh, and Dorries can shut the hell up about the bloody “European average” of 13 weeks. This is generally the cut off point for women accessing abortion on demand, something women in the UK are unable to do. Abortion is still available after this point. More here.