Beyond Masculinity: Essays by Queer Men on Gender and Politics

Beyond Masculinity coverCheck out this excellent-looking anthology of 20 essays on masculinity.

I haven’t had time to give the collection a proper read, but it looks excellent – and you can read it online, download it as a PDF or MP3, or even subscribe to it on iTunes.

Editor Trevor Hoppe says in the introduction:

Perhaps what I love most about this collection of essays – and what I hope you as readers will benefit from – is the variety of both perspective and form that are represented in this collection. While all of the essays here draw on personal experience to build (both implicitly and explicitly) powerful arguments about gender and sexuality, this collection is big enough to hold an 80 year-old gay man’s reflections on living life “in between” maleness and femaleness (Autrey’s “Somewhere in Between”); a gay man’s first-person account of stripping for the first time (Jost’s “Stripping Towards Equality”); and a transgender gay man’s plea for bottoms to please (Macey’s “From Top to Bottom”). There is so much good stuff here. I know that you’re going to enjoy this collection.

(Via Feministing)