Caliente Cab settles

Do you remember the case of Khadijah Farmer, who was thrown out of the women’s loos in a New York restaurant by a bouncer who thought she was a man – even after producing ID showing she is a woman? Well the restaurant – Caliente Cab – has settled the resulting lawsuit, says Monica at TransGriot:

“I’m very happy that the restaurant has taken appropriate steps to ensure that all patrons, regardless of how masculine or feminine they appear, are treated with dignity and respect,” Khadijah said of the settlement. “People come in all shapes and sizes, and they shouldn’t be discriminated against because they don’t match someone’s expectations of how masculine or feminine they should be.”

The restaurant has adopted a policy on gender expression and taken some other action, including compensation for Khadijah. Check out TransGriot for more – incidentally, a blog well worth watching. I’d also recommend checking out Monica’s recent post Destruction of the Black Transwoman Image, which considers the impact of media representations of black trans women being overwhelmingly of sex workers.