Dollhouse trailer!

Check this out: the first trailer for Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse! The plot: Eliza Dushku (who played Faith in Buffy & Angel) plays an “active” by the name of Echo – an agent who has her memory repeatedly wiped as she’s sent on assignment.

From the trailer it looks like it goes to some difficult places – the assignment in the trailer involves Echo being ‘set’ to fall in love with some random bloke. (Geeking out a bit – non Buffy fans feel free to ignore this parenthesis: perhaps similar territory to “Dead Things“?)

We’ve got to wait… well… ages to see it. The show is scheduled to start in January in the US, then who-knows-how-long until it gets picked up in the UK. I know this, yet I can’t help the excitement. This looks set to be stand-out television, with at the very least, some great, leading roles for women actors – including, incidentally, Olivia Williams from Rushmore.

(Via After Ellen and Dollymix)