GHD: Dark or Pure?

Is it just me, or is the new GHD hairstyler advert which pops up every time I log out of my yahoo account a little, well, dodgy (aside from your bog standard women’s sexualised bodies being used to sell stuff gripe)? It features two images, which you can see on their homepage: one of a white woman whose body is encased in black latex or similar, one of a different white woman in white latex (refresh the page to see both). The first represents the new “Dark” GHDs, which are black, the second the “Pure” white ones. Now, both are models are viewed as equally desirable, but the problem, as I see it, is that dark isn’t the opposite of pure: that’d be impure, with all its negative connotations. So, black = impure.

‘But hold up PC party poopers!’, cries the adman. ‘We haven’t used a black woman! And, anyway, “Dark” doesn’t mean impure, it means exciting, sexy, femme fatale…’

Yet it’s a white woman who encompasses all these things. Hmmm.