Introducing our new guest blogger… Anne Onne

feminist squats my heart graffitiRegular readers will no-doubt recognise Anne Onne’s name, from her thoughtful, articulate and prolific participation in our comments section.

We’re really thrilled that Anne has agreed to guest blog for The F-Word for the next month. Keep an eye out for her posts. Some background info:

Anne Onne is a feminist (duh!) science student living in the capital, currently hoping that giving Boris a shovel will result in him digging himself into a huge hole. In between scowling at gendered advertising and reading the Daily Mail to increase her blood pressure, she can be found leaving rambling comments on feminist sites like The F-Word. Unfortunately, her passion for writing long rambling comments doesn’t extend to blog writing for the moment, but she consoles herself with small random acts of feminism and taking time to engage and educate trolls and, or at least point out the weakness of their arguments to lurkers.

She has an antagonistic streak she is unable to shake, so is almost as likely to disagree with other feminists as with trolls, but a bit of discussion is what it’s all about, isn’t it? She hopes to use her time guest blogging to learn more about feminism, and get even more discussion started. Or maybe just rant.

Photo by eyesontheroad, shared under a Creative Commons license

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