Live Blogging: The One Show’s take on SATC


BBC’s The One Show has just “celebrated” the new Sex and the City film by having a gob-smacking montage of sexist comments about women and men.

First they interviewed seemingly all the sexists on the streets of London, who all said things like “Men and Women are TOTALLY different and will never understand each other!” “Men leave the toilet seat up!” “Women nag!” And so on.

Adrian Chiles said something about believing that women and men are the same really, but then introduced a clip from Child of Our Time which supposedly showed that men and women are genetically hard-wired to be different. The clip showed children tasting two drinks, Rocket Pop (blue) and Princess Pop (pink). The drinks were the same but the boys rated the Rocket higer and the girls the Princess pop. Very interesting, but this was presented as if it was conclusive proof that men were from Mars and Women were from Venus.

Then we were told that there would be a contest at the end of the show which would prove which sex was the better, ha ha ha, called, and I kid you not, “Heels or Wheels”. Hilarious!

Oh for goodness sake… I feel like I’ve just been hit over the head with a sexist mallet.

The thing that frustrates me about this approach to covering the sex and the City film is that SATC was so NOT about putting forward the Mars/Venus viewpoint. It portrayed men and women as human beings with individual perspectives and emotions. If anything I would say it actually tried to go against that whole Mars/Venus thing. I never once viewed it and thought, goodness, men and women are SO different and will never understand each other.

The other part of the whole SATC hype that I find quite interesting is the assumption that what we all REALLY want to see is Carrie getting married to Big. It seems that they’re assuming SATC fans think that getting married is the only really important goal, that this would be the end of the story.

Well I say – bollocks. Absolute bollocks. That’s not why I’m going to see the film. But I’ll talk more about this later.

Sorry if this post is rushed and crappy, but I’m sat here watching the One Show getting more infuriated. I’d better turn it off now… oh, it’s finished. Phew!