March on the Daily Mail offices, anyone?!

Commenter Northern Jess informs us that fans of the band My Chemical Romance are planning to march on the Daily Mail offices on May 31st in protest at the portrayal of the band as a “suicide cult” responsible the death of 13 year old Hannah Bond. The abso-bloody-lutely ridiculous article can be found here, while a highly amusing warning to parents about the “EMO cult”, published in 2006, includes such gems as:

The Emos – short for Emotional – regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths.

Although the look is similar, the point of distinction, frightening for schools and parents, is a celebration of self harm.

Um, no. Many teenagers, especially girls, self harm for a whole range of reasons – the music didn’t make them do it, and it certainly doesn’t make anyone commit suicide. Self harm scars and marks can be seen as cool (though I think this happens in a number of subcultures), but at least this means those involved are being open about their practice and can get some help: self harm is a symptom of underlying issues, and those are what needs to be dealt with. On top fact checking form as per usual, the Mail journalist also cites mock emo websites as evidence for her view of the subculture, and lists pop punk band Green Day as emo. They really have no idea how many hundreds of thousands of people they’ve pissed off there, do they?!

Anyways, word seems to be spreading about the protest and it could well turn into an all out “The Daily Mail spouts a bunch of crap and we’re bloody sick of it” march, so if you reckon you can handle a bunch of suicide obsessed kids with long fringes and razor blades then you may want to join them! Maybe you could try and get them to shift their arses for some political protesting while they’re at it…