New feature: F.A.T.

Girls and women need to give themselves a break from the endless preoccupation with fat, argues Katie Muller

Why are so many women ashamed and repulsed by the fact they take up space? Oh to be smaller and slighter, to be less, less, less! But worse than size, far worse than taking up space at all, is what women take up space with.

Dare I mention what that space-filler is? Dare I even whisper the word? Fat.

It’s a word that could make the toughest cookie crumble, it reverberates through our bodies, settling in our stomachs, a knot we can’t untie, uncomfortable and embarrassing. We don’t like to talk about it, or even think about it. Push it away, out of our minds. Hide it. Or even better, but slightly more challenging – let’s get rid of it, this fat altogether and be free of it.

Weight loss is possible. Of course there are a million fad diets, a million lies weaving traps that leave you frustrated and as substantial as ever. But we won’t fall into them. All it really takes is the right mind, the right attitude. A strong will, a fierce determination, a sense of inadequacy, a lack of self-confidence, a touch of brainwashing and skills at self-deprivation and then, you’re set. The path of the eating disorder is yours to take.

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